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Wrong Door Danglers is a team looking to be in the top of this years EHL season. With the backbone of the three forwards playing since the release of nhl 09 we are confident with our offense and have a gameplan which involves everyone to be active in the game and help the team.


Skype: roberto_leal7
PSN: Robban7

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Roster news!

Wrong Door Danglers have been scouting actively for the last two weeks after great players to fill up our team for the upcoming EHL season.
We have had many great players applying and playing tryouts with us during this period of time and we have chosen those who we want to continue this season with.

First out is Tratthatten in the net who started out with a low rated player card, but showed that player overall rating has nothing to do with how skilled a player is and we are feeling comfortable with him guarding our net for the upcoming season.

Next player out is our defensive defender, Zwen_x who has not experienced EHL play before and neither has he played a lot of EASHL with a 'team'. We didn´t have high expectations but after a few games we realized that he is the exact type of defender we were looking for. He displays a comfortable possession of the puck and delivers passes in the right moments as well as he is always in the right position. He is clearly a top prospect of this upcoming season and we are very happy to have him in our team.

Last but not least out in our new roster is the top forward Basbar89, known from top teams such as woodhands and facewash hockey. After a little talk about the style of play both the team and Basbar89 prefers, we reached an agreement where he will represent our team in the upcoming season. We had very much in common and the same opinion on how hockey should be played and therefore Basbar managed to take a spot on the forward side, where we have been very strict not to take anyone who we don´t believe in 100%.

Wrong Door Danglers are still open for defenders and if you are a goalkeeper or forward you can poke me if you are interested and we might find a solution to our interests.

Skype: roberto_leal7
PSN: Robban7
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