Allround player looking for EHL club

Hello you guys,

I'm looking for an active EHL club. I'm primarily playing a solid LD, but can play everywhere. My skater is LEG3 with all boosts unlocked, but I'm yet to achieve legend with my goalie. It's hard for me to speak about my typical style of play, I usually adjust myself to whatever is needed in the team. I guess that makes me a team player by definition. You should give me a try out, I wont complain if I'm sorted out (though I think you wont regret recruiting me permanently).

About me:
  • Danish
  • 20 years, studying civil engineering at Aalborg University
  • I speak fluently english and enjoy using the mic for game related stuff. Not too much fuss on the mic. Xbox live party, skype or ventrilo it's basically the same for me.
  • Read more in my profile.
  • Been playing NHL for xbox 360 since 07

Benjamin Refsgaard
GT: BMI 35
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