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sundance_kid82, hey, it wouldnt be nice if u got a message where someone hopes your own family will burn in he** and hopefully die. and u got own kids, not nice at all.

I never said anything about it being nice, right or wrong. I just thought it was interesting that you permanently ban people based on things the do outside of the community.

I mean...lets say for instance, I would have a couple of nice msgs from a certain team's members....wouldnt it be possible for me to use this strategically in the upcoming tournament? Lets say my team would benefit from another team loosing players in a certain game. I could sit here with those msgs and release them to admin when I feel its appropriate.
sundance_kid82, yeah youre right, i didnt perm ban him, my idea was some games of suspension… but yeah every1 in EASHL sends msgs to other teams, just because their team lost or something.
Everyone? Really?
Jimi, hahha, every1 i mean like 50/50 dont take it that serious man.
This is serious business
Oh maaan, i cant talk shit about you Jimi anymore
Oh can you get people banned for things they wrote to you outside of EHL?
I'm not part of EHL on Xbox, but this is not about EHL.
First of all our site should be place for community. Where we talk and make tournaments. Not only EHL, everyone can start tournament with any rules and any game.
Here can be some squabbles, I like read your «war».
But when somebody don't understand where is the limit (I mean promotion of terrorism, racism or some dead wishes etc.) that guy cannot be part of our community, it's outside of any tournament.
Is there going to be skype group for gm's this year?

Again...Im not saying the ban was right or wrong. Im just saying that your justifications for that ban could also apply to other members of this community.

Btw, how is remarks about sexuality deemed? Like calling someone a homosexual? Is it in the same bag as racism? I mean, I know Russia aint exactly considering it the same crime. Would be nice to know whats allowed. Cheers!
WTF is going on in here  bunch of pussyes here… Who cares if someone send a hatemail or deadwish to another, big deal!
Im not TGMA for Xbox anymore.
I gotta confess that I full of double standarts.
And when I see bullshit (on my subjective view) at general public threads or my PS3 event I do execution at first and only then review the case. You have own jurify system at Xbox so decide that situations by yourself. Fillex case was given to Hanssoni (as I understand last admin at this moment). At Xbox topics you can rape and burn, Xbox admins will judge you by their laws.
But if some bad guys will write bad things at blogs and chapters under my jurysditcion he will face with petty tyrant
Jimi, yeah there will be.
When will we have access to the rules and the schedule of the tournament? I'm guessing sometime today, right?
Thanks. Maybe you guys should announce it when you post useful stuff like that. Because people will not find the page by browsing through the website, it's too much of a mess.
schedule also added.
now you should see on main page calendar for you team, last games, standings and leaders.
also if you click on «cup» button you can see access to event menu and your next games with links on time suggest and submit result.
maybe tmrw i'll write topic for «what's new» about that options.
Why is there team European Talents in the tournament when they have not posted in the registration thread?

Why is there not TJ Jezibaby when they have posted in the registration thread?
TJ Jezibaby posted AFTER schedule was released. Also there is few teams with under 8 players on their roster, how much time they have to get up to roster minimium?
Don't ask so many questions. You will give the poor TGMA an heart attack. Give it some time…
Jimi, How were they to know what time the schedule would be released? There has never been a clear deadline for registrations, like sunday 3 pm gmt or whatever. So it's not really their fault if they can't play in the tournament now. And what about European Talents?

Also, since the rules have been copy pasted from the previous tournament, they are mostly good but some rules are outdated and not applicable anymore. Just sayin'…
Dear billy. If you open this link: you can see that last registration day was 26.10.
Ironically it's the same page where you have to register your team so you really should atleast read the information on first post before registering your team.
Jimi, On right column it says Registration end: 27 October 2013.

And I'm not sure if it been modified later?
So… I got owned but...not really...? Meh…
Jimi, i have talked with everyone who has under 8 players in rosters, they r gonna update b4 games.
PeltiBox, i cant modify that, its klaus or 2manyfaces who did that.
Unknown Will begin there Tittle defence
Unknown Vs West Coast Wasps
27 October Face OFF at 9PM GB Time
We will be live at 9PM
Well if it says that last registration day was 26 and registration ends 27 then it did end at midnight.
I think this proof my exceptions about change of registration end date.

On this Chatterbox page 2 Patovic asks it and Hanssonni answers that it is 27.10.

Well, I will be quiet for awhile. Luckily this isn't about me this time.
Do you guys think Fight should be in EHL?

btw, what do you think about fights?! I know it's not about the rules (yet) to take a fight after a big hit. But it's sooooooo boring.
what do u think about it?!
Do u want fights — who can make this game to a mess, or shall we make an agreement?!
it's up to you!
But if u want a fun game, we should play it without fights.
it's not any rules *
I don't have a problem with fighting, some teams can use it to their advantage (Eg: Taking off a team's best player)

What's the point in taking away a pretty big element of the game? Plus it's not boring if you know how to fight
MartindalexC, lol. there GM are talking about it on skype.
AshtonGamingShow, It's pretty gay if they ban it, like really gay imo.
MartindalexC, not gonna ban fights.
When is the skype chat for GM's coming? It would help a lot to schedule games.
Its up!

Add tempzee (Hanssoni)
Jimi, its called EHL GM Chat
West Cost Wasp's logo is kinda cool but probably they had better to resize their small logo to 32x32 pixel. It breaks this web site.
PeltiBox, yep i dont know how to do logos
AshtonGamingShow, Not difficult, here's the 32x32 logo
x BUM3R x
Hanssonni, man, you've got a lot to improve and to impress  I wish you a good luck and a plenty of patience! no matter what people say, obviously they're right but you're only one on the whole xbox community who can spend hours and hours to resolve our problems and expectations. take care!
x BUM3R x, yeah thanks bumer! i will do the best i can
I hope all members and GM's will make extra consideration that this tournament only has 1 TGMA which limits his abilities to fulfill our expectations.
sundance_kid82, what about blackdaylight?
Elefant and Koffe! We need u, u want it — take it!
Kinda got an issue right now.

The results for the games my team played today don't seem to be going up because of an error to do with the game 1 statistics. I can see the error, goal no. 2 for my team was a penalty shot and not a powerplay goal BUT I can't change this. Every time I go to submit it says that there's an assist on the PS goal, when there isn't.

Can anyone help?
MartindalexC, says that error when i try to edit your result.
I can try to delete your report and you submit it again.
Or better save you pictures at yourself and we'll fix it when our programmist back from vacation.
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