Topics' creation and site's navigation

Hello, gentlemen!

This is first note in «what's new» blog!
I gotta say that everything here is new for you, but let's start to learn how it works.

1. Site's navigation.

That site contain multi-level tree of collective blogs, so it's like semiblog-semiforum. All important levels you can see at the main page, here they are:
— main category
— sub-category
— blogs

You can see that main categories are:
— General (mostly for information from site's admins)
— Teamplay on PS3
— Teamplay Xbox
— Other event (any other events on this site, cuz everyone can create own championship)
— Chatter (for talking and other else)

Sub-categories you can see under title of main category:

In that case EHL Elite and Division1 contain blogs about that leagues
Teams — contain all PS3 team's blogs
Tradaction — about player market
News & Info — here you can write your interviews, videos and also here will info from TGMA about that leagues.

2. Topic creation.

Important! Only site's administrator can create blog, so if we missed some categories or you need new one for your own tournament — please contact to us 2ManyFaces Klaus

Now about topics.
Any user can write topic to any blog.
For example I want to write in blog of my team.

1. Click on any category or blog

2. Click «create»

3. Important! Choose assign to blog. In our case it's «Teamplay on Playstation > Teams > Sinister Otters»

4. Write title and text!

5. Add tags and other options if needed

6. Click «Publish»

As you see it's easy
Next time I'll tell you how invite players to your roster! Cya!


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