CONFIRMED: EASHL not featured in PS4/XB1 versions of NHL 15!

Where will you be playing EASHL starting September?

UPDATE 2: Officially confirmed now, for all the details please visit:

OTP to be patched in after release, EASHL will be coming back «in future iterations of the game».
See you all in NHL 16.

UPDATE 1: Xbox One version does not have any achievements for EASHL or GM Connected, whereas the 360 version does! That is what several people over at the EA Forums just confirmed via Rammer's Xbox Live Gamertag «rammer34». See this video for reference:

Hey guys,

in the last few days rumors have spread that the PS4/XB1 versions of NHL 15 won't include our beloved EASHL mode, the first source was BestBuy Canada who listed 1-2 network players for the XB1 version.
Now we have the first real evidence coming from another retailer, Costco, who listed this picture in the product description of next-gen NHL 15:

Note how it says «2-2 network players».
For comparison, this is the back cover of the 360 version:

Note how it says «2-12 network players».

On one hand, I created this thread for all you people who wanted to switch the console generation as soon as NHL 15 comes out. It would probably be a good idea to stay away from it for now, and wait for further confirmation/denial.
On the other hand, we already have confirmation for the PS3 and 360 versions of NHL 15 to include the EASHL mode, see this page (at the bottom):

Me and a lot of other people only buy NHL every year because of EASHL, but this time I am not willing to get forced into buying an inferior version of the new game just because EA probably fucked up.

The best statement we (as THE hardcore EASHL fanbase) could deliver is continuing with NHL 14 on PS3/360 and not purchasing a single version of NHL 15. How does everyone else think about it?
Staying active in an older title only makes sense if the majority of teams is ready to pull this move off.

NHL 15 is only 3 weeks away so we need to clarify this as soon as possible — every team's and also Consolehockey's opinion is needed!
Would you be ready to continue playing 14, or would you switch to 15 no matter if next-gen consoles are excluded from EASHL?

I added this thread to the slider for now, to get people's attentions as this is very important for everyone of us. Feel free to remove it from there.

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AshtonGamingShow, how much did EHL cost for you?

i hope you will have a long and pleasent stay at your new comunity LG, I think that will be perfect for you and you wont be back here.
For those of you who have «seen» that NHL15 is the same as NHL14 on youtube, I suggest you try actually playing NHL15 on 360/PS3 because it is different. The player collisions are different enough that you have to play a bit differently and generally the game is better than NHL14… Except for game misconducts and human G's exploiting goalie interference (which I guess is a good thing if you're Radikal lol). I bought the game so naturally I hope more people buy it too on Xbox360, so far it's looking pretty bad, like there aren't enough people to make even a handful of 6v6 clubs.
Buy NHL 15 for PS3. Lets go whooo!
good BYE Ahston!
This is one of the main reason im staying in LG they love my commentary i got voted #1 top LG series last year im gonna be working with there mead team this year #itsagoooalllll
AshtonGamingShow, «they love my commentary»… I'm gonna flat out say it. They don't 'love' it because it's good, they love it because they get comedic value out of someone struggling to say basic words. Not trying to be mean or anything but try not to get confused between people laughing with you and people laughing at you, so to speak.

Furthermore that thread seems to be opinionated, meaning that you weren't voted the best LG series ever, more along the lines of the people in your section hold it to a different standing than the wider public.

«Try not to laugh»

Let me tell you Ashton, the guys at LG are doing the exact same thing Jesus Kristuz and I were doing back in NHL12. We discovered you, thought you were hilarious (though not on purpose), advertized you, but when you became a whore for fame everybody tuned you out.

But sure I also «love» your latest commentaries. They are comedic gold, especially with captions on.
billy44, ha yea i still listen to the first podcast ha still my microphone skills have improve since then ha the reason im staying in LG because there no EHL on xbox 360 so i need to keep my channel active and during the day i run my own business part time. I properly be back for NHL 16 PS4
billy44, HA yea also 6 likes on one video ive never had that before. I had to re load YouTube just to see if it was real ha
You completely missed the point we were making, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. Good luck with your own business, mister «I can't string together one coherent sentence whether written or spoken».
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