EC Spring 2014 Playoffs

Congratulations to all teams that made the playoffs!

Regular season tie-breakers that determined the fate of a few teams were 1) Internal wins i.e. games against the tied opponent 2) Goal differential. Consolehockey algorithms use total Ws as a tie-breaker, which is common in series with a long regular season. However, in this kind of a short tournament format it is better to use internal wins as the first tie-break.

Playoff Structure
Sixteen teams, four rounds overall, one week per round. Victory will be claimed a month from now by 4th of May 23:59 CET by one of the participating teams.

Series are played best of seven and home ice advantage has the team that had a higher finishing position in their group (1.-4.). In case of a tie goal differential is used.

Teams are encouraged to negotiate and choose the best possible dates and times. All series have to be played by the end of each week by Sundays at 23:59 CET. The first four games of the series are required to be played before Sunday. In case teams can’t agree on a schedule, default dates and times from the regular season will be applied (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 20:30 CET) with a minimum of two games on each day. If such a series goes to game 7, by default it is played on Sunday 21:00 CET but should be negotiated by both teams.

Please try to be flexible in scheduling your games. Sometimes to make it work you might not to be able to play a game or two with your best lineup. If you are having serious issues fixing the dates and times, please contact me.

Some players/teams are still under disciplinary investigation and corresponding club GMs should take this into account when scheduling games for the coming days.

Let’s play hockey!
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