EHL spring 2015 playoff predictions!

Just to start out I'd like to thank every team for taking part in this tournament and making it be as smooth as possible. So far there hasn't been any incident(s) where I've had to wave a rulebook in someone's face, so for that I have everyone to thank!

Anyway let's get into the playoffs!

Regular season standings:

1. Brotherhood HT (50pts)
2. Pelikirja (46pts)
3. Baltic Sea Eagles (39pts)
4. Northern Ascendancy (38 pts)
5. Sjukstugan (33pts)
6. Russian Rockets (33pts)
7. The Church Of Hockey (32pts)
8. Moves Like Jagr (21pts)
9. Keskikankeat Kollit (21pts)
10. Drugsnstuff (13pts)
11. Bare Knuckles Hockey (4pts)

Opening matchups:

Brotherhood HT vs (Moves like Jagr / Keskikankeat Kollit / Drugsnstuff)
— What to say about BHT that won't land me in shit with Pigeonfield and Hanssonni hmmmmm…  

Well lets start with the 3 teams they could face. Moves Like Jagr are an interesting team in that they do have the offense to genuinely be competitive with most teams, their recent games with BSE are testament to that (Winning and losing in OT by the respective scores of 5-4 and 2-3). That said, their biggest weakness is their defence. Sitting with 84 goals let in over the course of the season isn't a good situation to be nor will be helpful in the playoffs when the chips are down so to speak.

Now on to Keskikankeat Kollit (Did I spell that right), not going to lie… just typing that out every time makes me have an aneurysm . These guys are in a very similar situation to MOV in that their biggest weakness is the amount of goals they let in, which is killer in the playoffs when the games are often too close to call.

Yet these guys could surprise based on how they play… imagine Broad Street Bullies but on crack, and lsd, and e… hell throw everything in there, bound to do something. If they can be disciplined and not take too many penalties they could cause some upsets, especially with Ullaaaaa playing.

Now on to Drugsnstuff, who in a rare turn of events seem to be supplying KEK with all their uncut Columbian cocaine. Again with the recurrent theme but all of the playin teams have potential but need to rally around their weaknesses if they want to not kill eachother in the opening rounds and be competitive with Brotherhood HT.

Drugnstuff have something that I didn't notice in the other teams however and that's one red hot goalie that can keep them in the game for long periods of time, you don't need to ask many people to know that this is huge in the playoffs and this could be the deciding factor in the fast and frantic opening rounds. Out of all of these teams DNS are in the worst situation with the least goals scored and the most conceded, yet to me they still are favourites to exit the opening play rounds based on DanielCadabra, if he's on, DNS will be hard to beat.

Finally we get to Brotherhood HT. Based around the resurgence of Jonde20 (Do I get brownie points for overturning that ban? ), Hanssonni and everyone's favourite EHL player… Pigeonfield , BHT will be a very tough team to handle. They have the offense to match just about anyone and the defense to back it up, it's no wonder they finished 1st overall afterall. Boasting the best goals for in the league (Including the tournament's top scorer, Jonde 20) and 5th best defense… whoever makes it out of the play in round will have one tough challenge ahead of them.

Yet I'm obligated to say something negative and their biggest weakness to me will be their ability to close out defensive games where their offense can't be relied upon, will Pigeonfield be up to the pressure? Will Hanssoni back check? Will I stop talking like this, hard to tell…

Overall I say BHT shouldn't have much of an issue taking care of whoever exits the play in round, however it could get interesting if they underrate anyone. Yet I still think BHT will advance in 4

PeliKirja Vs The Church Of Hockey
— THE series to watch, if you are bored one day and you hear about PK and COH playing, I don't care what you're doing, you need to watch this. Offense vs defense, west vs east, chip and chase vs possession… whatever you can think of, this is it. PK may have stirred the pot a little with their recent video (Oh god why) but you can't deny their potential to take it all the way. At the heart of their entire team and attack is Kauppila, the man leading their team in both goals and assists and one of only two players to crack the 30 goal plateau this year.

While he is built like a goddamn gorilla and thus tough to get off the puck he has a very unique situation where literally the entire team's offense runs through him… if he's off a game PK is very shaky especially with their 'unique' defending style and diving down and blocking passing lanes.

This is where COH comes in, boasting a very 'communist' style of defending where even the poorest of players is able to afford one potato per hit at the Latvian exchange rate of two per sun rise. Consequently this could cause PK and Kauppila major problems as they will adjust very well if they see that all the passes are headed one way, potentially shutting down the entire right side.

Having only one wing to use in the playoffs is almost suicide, sure it can be done, but then you're having to rely on goaltending and defence, something I personally don't see PK having. With the recent pick up of Silenttio and the outstanding play of Billy, COH could be the harbinger of doom to whoever plays them. This series (like most others) will come down to who can control the game the best, sure PK has the quick strike offense and flashy stats, but COH has the possession to wear PK and their defense down, as well as the control to put the game away in the dying seconds.

I think the series will go 2-0 to PK to begin with, but after that the goals will dry up and COH will walk to the second round in 6 games.


Baltic Sea Eagles Vs Russian Rockets
— If the previous series was interesting, then this is for completely opposite reasons. This series will be a complete barn burner, goals being traded either way, defenders getting breakaways, referees having fika… hell even the goalies could score in this series.

BSE with Lehikoinen, Anti Underdog and Jusa So Low are the stuff of nightmares in terms of offensive production, each player averaging close to or above 3pts a game based on their no holds barred play style. Their defense isn't a slouch either when it comes to offensive firepower with them bolstering the blue line with the 5th top scoring d-man in Temetsuka. Overall BSE finished the season with the second highest amount of goals scored, and the 3rd tighest defense, a pretty potent mix if you ask me.

As always though, BSE's success will be decided on how effective and consistent their offense can be. Anything lower than total efficiency could spell trouble for them as they will be forced to play the tight defensive game, potentially out of their comfort zone.

Russian Rockets as always with the power of the motherland and a belly full of vodka will be playing fast, open, offensive hockey. Something that is great to watch as an observer but risky to play first hand. Relying so much on your opponent not being able to deal with your attacks can lead to counter attacks the other way on your own goalie.

I think in terms of offense RUR will be able to match BSE, if not go one step further and one up them… however their success will come to the doorstep or crease shall I say? of Miroman, a goalie who when all things are considered hasn't had the best of tournaments but has time and the stage to redeem himself. Putting on a goaltending display to beat BSE will not be easy by any means, but in this game, anything can happen if you just believe  / write Rammer a biggggggggg thank you note for all his amazing displays of affection eg: Server outages

This series could prove to be either a wash out or close so it's very difficult to guess where it will end up, but I'm ending my bets with a BSE win in 5. RUR's offense will be enough to win atleast one game but BSE will prove to be too much to handle for Miroman who succumbs to mild PTSD.

Northern Ascendancy Vs Sjukstugan
— We've reached the homestretch people! We're almost at the end of this wall of text so a special thank you goes out to anyone who's still reading.

For my team I've asked Pigeonfield to write something up in order to remain impartial as much as I can.

«Having experienced a roster upheaval from last years successfull playoff run that ended in a championship win, Northern Ascendancy entered EHL 2015 with the challenge of building upon their previous success. GM Martindalex went with some familiar faces and so far, the team has shown promise.

Goaltender crono578 has put together a great regular season with a GAA under 2,5 and a save percentage over 80%. Other notable players have been the GM himself, Martindalex, who once again paces the team in scoring with 58 points in the 20 games played and the teams #1 D-man vilperi90 who has scored 29 points during the season, good for 2nd among all defensemen.

The true key to NORs playoff success lies in it's team-oriented playing style with tight team defense and rapid passing plays at the heart of it — a playing style that should work well within a playoff structure where the games are usually tighter and free-flowing offense isn't as regular of an occurrence.

The chances for a championship repeat are always tough in any sport or tournament, but let there be no doubt — NOR is going for it.»

Just to add to what Pigeon put I'll say that Crono has had one hell of a season, if we were handing the Vezina out atm he would have it locked up in a pretty bow. Our success will lie in how much production we can get from everyone, reaching the top again is a tough road and everyone will need to show up in some way or another. Relying on one player too much will backfire against nearly all teams.

Now to the final team, Sjukstugan. Remember what I put about RUR and BSE? Well get ready to see this series because IT'S GOING TO BE A WILD RIDE… GET READY FOR A MINIMUM OF FOUR 1-0 GAMES! In the showdown of the two defensive juggernauts there will be only 1 winner, the remaining teams in the playoffs. Pitting the two best defenses in the regular season against each other this early isn't overly fair as it would have been nice to see both of us progress through based around solid defense alone, alas my wish didn't come true and what is potentially going to be the most boring playoff round in the history of hockey is about to commence  In all seriousness, Sjukstugan is a very strong candidate to go all the way as they have all the necessary pieces… balanced scoring, strong defense, solid offense and a solid goaltender in Robbin976. All players are proficient at defending and attacking with their biggest weapon being IronByob who has already potted away a very respectable 48 pts in 14 games, something not to be taken lightly.

Furthermore, it would seem as though both teams play similar passing orientated styles. Further stressing the closeness and fragility that this series could create. If BSE and RUR was like the Penguins and Capitals playing each other, this series will be like the Blackhawks and the Rangers. Both teams have the firepower up front but are absolute powerhouses in defense and can cause huge problems for whoever they are playing.

Since I have to side with my team here I will say Northern Ascendancy will take the series in 6 games. However that's my heart saying that, my gut says it will go to 7, but after the last playoffs I don't think we can take many more gm 7s

— Anyway that's everything for the first round nicely typed up, hope everyone enjoyed it and if you agree / disagree with any of my opinions, please feel free to say so in the comments below. I may end up editing some sections slightly as I've probably skipped some things with it being 1am right now but hopefully it's all up to standard!

Good luck as always to everyone participating, hope we don't meet though, otherwise I might have to revoke that wish of good luck
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