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The new EHL season is up and running and I can´t just stand by and watch.
So, I've been playing EASHL since day 1 of the release of NHL 09 and I've always played either right or left forward. I'm more of a team player looking to pass.

I have been active over the years playing with more or less the same people around me during all this time and I've been in Systemet OHC (NHL 13) and earlier this autumn/winter I was the GM of Wrong Door Danglers in the Elite EHL Division and just recently I had a few games with The United Knights.

I'm looking for a competitive team that is believing that they can win matches (but not excluding to only high teams).
I'm willing to help the team however I can and I'm not the guy who would start whining about not getting to play if that would be needed, I'm open for suggestions and ideas!

Throw me a message at Skype (or here)

Skype: roberto_leal7
PSN: Robban7
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