Group C, group D, power rankings

Well again wrote this with my phone quickly while in work so dont mind the typos and all that bla bla bla. Here we go:

Group C

1. HC Sika
They have added 2 new players, koodi and swe best sniper which will increase their depth. Now they have better back ups so they should get pretty easily the top seed from group c. They have been struggling lately but i have no doubts that they wouldnt do well when its the EC. Their roster is basically same as last year so its in there, they just have to discover it again. Sika will be in semi-final, most likely in the final of the tournament. Sika is the only team i never want to lose to, how ever i cheer for them always if we are out. Rivalry.

2./3./4. Finnish roosters
J parola, teh ahola, janikka. Look at all this talent. If they can ice their top 6 (j parola) enough they can do pretty well in this tournament. Addition of ahola and janikka coming back will help this team alot. Also added oodap who is playing winger(?). I see them going anywhere from 2. To 4. In group stage depending how often they can get their top 6 on the ice. This team looks pretty strong when you see the gamertags but can they bring their A game to the tournament? Team needs parola to win.

3./4./2. Sjukstugan
They are back! With one of the best face-offers in league. This team is all about offense and if you can shut them down you should not have any problems to win. Even their defenders are forwards. What? Who know what they can do with «the brothers», maybe they can get to the final again?

4./2./3.Red light off (zone)
This team has one of the best goal scorers in the league, pure goal scorer miro siivonen. If rest of their team can do their job defensively, i can see them finishing group stage as a 2. How ever if they cant shut down the teams like sjukstugan and roosters they will most likely fall down to 4. But this group is very tight and battle for the 2. Seed is close. Any of these three teams can get it. But red light zone had strong start to the tournament, robbing 3 points from sika. Well done.

5. Me carvoset
Dont know much about this team but they won sjukstugan in OT. I have played once against these guys and they didnt impress me. 5. Place only because they won 112.

6. Kiekkokopla hc
I have played against this team couple times and i dont think they have any chance to make it to the playoffs. Atleast not in this group.

Group D

1. Laser Hockey Team
Obviously a strong team. They added unbeatable to their team but can intiiaanimies handle the pressure or will he be sitting on some bonfires n shit in middle of games smoking hes peace pipes? Who knows .
In this group the race for 1. Will be closest. I think that laser will be 1. By a point or tie-breaker. Dont really know what kind of line-up laser is planning to play with, they can struggle against redballs with wrong line-up.

2. Hc redballs
The team seems to be strong always in the off-season but somehow they seem to play much worse in the tournaments. As stated earlier redballs will give hard time to laser to earn the 1. Seed. Redballs w/ krangis should be interesting team to watch, they can upset laser in both games if they succeed defensively. May i add that redballs new goalie, taotao is one of the best goalies in the tournament.

3. Club HC
They will most likely finish group stage very close to 2. This team has very good offense but they are somewhat hazard in the own zone. This team can win any team in EASHL but i cant see them winning any elite clubs in EC, yet. If they improve their team play and team defense they can become strong team. This team has many players i havent heard of and few good players that i know. Potential to surprise us all in this tournament, all they have to do is to adjust their game-plan to tournament level from EASHL level.

4. Northern Ascendancy
This team can do fairly well and may occasionally tease the big dogs. Going to playoffs for sure but i see it kind of hard them to even climb to 3. Seed in this group. I think that 4 group system isnt really in their favor and they could get much better seed when facing more opponents and having longer tournament.

5./6. Kuiskuttelijat/hitmen hc
Again teams that i dont know much about. Kuiskuttelijat has been in the tournaments before and hitmen is a new team. Neither of the teams shouldnt have any business in top 4 in this group.
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Special mention to billy44
Haha, «even their defenders are forwards»!

In probably One of the most defensive defenders in the tournament
You maise? I hope that was sarcasm
In my opinion, you, sikstroem and maybe even dawn angel are pretty offensive defenders.
Well, I´m pumped up! It´s going 2 be great tournament guys!
Jimi, haha, Yeah i was kidding i never play defence, its Boring
Jimi, sikstroem is not playing tho
and now he is not in the rooster eighter
Hitmen HC is where Radikal plays apparently. That alone makes me say I wouldn't count them out of the running for a playoff spot.
Comment updated:
I don't know… is Radikal still as effective when he can't illegally interfere with forechecking players...?

That is a rule, right?
Oh billy i didnt know that. That changes things a bit. I think they can challenge ascendancy for 4. Seed.
Pigeonfield, except that — still a top-3 goalie. «I» Can't take that from him  it would be interesting to see him in a top-team, like in the last tournament.
«I don't want to see Hansu in net in a playoff, again...» LASER, sign him! (someone will probably join the army, and the history repeats) — this is your solution. raus
I almost hope that i would of known that radikal plays in hitmen. Now the kid hates me even more haha
Jimi, Why would I hate you? You are nothing  
Steel, haha maybe not in this time
seppooooo, oh... So all this COD is just a «troll-thingy»?  
I give up, u win!!! GG
ImSteelD, shäääddddäppp
Svamphony, eashl and vs have been lagging so much lately that those arent fun to play. I prefer CoD much more entertaining at this moment
seppooooo, horrible lagging in EASHL as hell! good to know it isn´t just me then
Tjäääääna Pelle
Its perfect! Laggy games are the only true fair games when everybody has equally bad connection
sundance_kid82, thats the ONLY possitive thing with it then
deeää ääuu seeääääääuuuuuugt
This really caught my eye «May i add that redballs new goalie, taotao is one of the best goalies in the tournament.»

He has let in like 19 goals in 4 games. He just refuses to hug the post.
niksa83, yeah and whole redballs team has played pretty bad. What can i say about taotao, he has always been very good against us, making the score tighter than it should be. Maybe he just has difficulities to carry hes eashl performance to EC?
And its actually pretty hard to predict how teams do in tournament, especially when half of the teams hasnt played in months and half of the teams is with new line-ups. These are just my crappy opinions.
niksa -
Well angles for the posts is the hardest thiing in this game. Maybe he is really solid in all other aspects?<br /
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