Interview with imosi

Ok i wanted to know some of the things and who is the better person to ask from than… IMOSI!
So i thought i share with you guys also.

1. How are you sami?
Terve! Im good  work work work…

2. How has sika been doing lately?
Well to be honest we havent been playing so good lately, but we know our problems and try to fix them, back to practice mode

3. Can you play with koodi in the same team these days?
Yea, well we needed more players and he was the best available..i think we can come along just fine.

4. You have 2 new players in sika, koodi and swe best sniper. Where do they fit in sika?
Like i said we needed players, because some players have nightshifts etc at work..regular season we play with different lineups, have too see whos plays in playoffs ( If we make it ofc)

5. What you think about group C?
Actually pretty tough group, 4 teams that can be 1st after the regular season..interesting, interesting…

6. Whats your favorite team and which team you hate?
Well there is many, but If i had to choose one ..I really like Sjukstugan guys ..hate..i dont hate, i love All … Hmm the one team i really want to win in Ehl is Laser HT for sure!

7. If sika gets eliminated, then who do you cheer for?
Blade of steel, nos and 112

8. And lastly, give your allstars team not including sika players.
Son a bit..with your questions
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We love you to, in My opinion Sami Ibrahim <3
cberntsson, hahaha
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