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It's time for new chapter on EASL 6vs6 games and mostly for community, well-known EHL will pass in history. New chapter for this small community is time to look into the future. EHL won't continue anymore and I hope greatest community follow NHL GAMER — site. They have tools and system what will work and lift up even more this scene. As a community we can make this a great success.

While writing this down make me gulp I'm happy to inform EASHL 6vs6 tournament will be knowed as a ECL European Championship League.

I'll thank you all on my behalf and biggest thanks goes to consolehockey creator Klaus who have run over past half decade this whole EHL show. It's over 8000 users and 1500 EASHL teams.

I suggest that we all pack our things and regroup into a new home at NHL Gamer. Remember we all have growing pains and as a community we are going to survive, we always have.

If you have registered for the EHL, please note, that you have to register separately for the ECL.

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Big thanks to Rankaisija_ who was very good TGMA
I want to thank Consolehockey.com for all the joy it has given during the years. Thank Klaus and all other that has run this page and beautiful tounaments

Now let's get our shit and move in to a new era
Big thanks to Klaus and everyone who has been working on this site to provide us with so many great tournaments!
Good Job Ranksu and all the others, sadly I have not been able to play because connection problems, I hope they fix that input lag, that might help. But rest of u, have a good games and tournament.
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