Northern Ascendancy Champions - Post-season Awards

The Ascendancy of Northern Unknown

Congratulations to Northern Ascendancy for winning the tournament! The playoffs were a thriller for the winning team as they beat Sjukstugan in game 7 on the first round, group stage winners Finnish Roosters in 6 games on the second round, Laser HT in game 7 of semifinals and finally Northern Stars in game 7 of the finals.

This is what Northern Ascendancy's captain MartindalexC wrote after the seventh game:

"I'd like to thank NOS for providing such a great series… for the spectators that is, playing in it was hell, tight is putting it mildly. Additionally a huge thank you goes out to Janbo taking charge of the tournament and allowing it to go ahead.

Finally, I have to say thank you to Scottie for being a better sportsman than I could be, relinquishing his spot in order for Goatlender to come in, without that we wouldn't have won so I suppose I owe him a lot

Anyway, take it easy everyone and have a great summer

It was a very intense tournament and a big thank you to all the participating teams for pulling it through without major difficulties or postponing. I will now grant virtual awards that were unanimously decided by me, myself and I.

Post-season awards go as follows:

Best forward & Tournament scoring title:tbnantti, Blades of Steel 25GP 38+47=85, +47, 10 PIM, 46 hits and 9 GWG.

Best defender: ImSteelD/iSvamp, Northern Ascendancy 29 GP 8+34=42, +19, 16 PIM, 92 hits and 5 play-off game winners.

Best goaltender: kyllikki/OVeiKKoO, Blades of Steel 25 GP, 18W, 7L, 1.64 GAA, 83,27 S% and 6 shutouts

Tournament All-Stars:

cHIMERa -tbnanttiFoppatoffla

I would like to share a few thoughts on the tournament and what should be taken note of when someone organizes the next tournament. A short tournament if definitely something that should be considered in the future also. Although I think the Group stage should be a bit longer, maybe 20 games with less but bigger groups, depending on the time available of course. There's one mistake I particularly regret, and that is not seeing the loophole in transfer rules, which Unknown / Ascendancy then blatantly exploited. Yet I want to say they did it in full accordance with the rules and that is exactly what bothers me. What I would like to see in the future in a short tournament like this one is very strict transfer rules, max 1 player into a team in the whole tourney and that player may no longer swap teams. If there is a long regular season the transfers should be looser.

Finally I would like to thank several people of whom were a lot of help when it counted: EstoniaDeluxe, Kooffein, Mordarelefanten, billy44, Snapster, Lukko and all those that I forgot, including the co-operating whistleblowers.

Have a great summer and see you on PS4!
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Well done buddy! Running a tournament like this is not easy. Great job and hats off to you.
Thanks to janbo and all the teams, gratz to unknown.
Why isnt «LeSheriffgrande» in the All-star team??? :s :s :s
This is for you Radikal! You need something to wote minus on.
A last
Thanks for the award and congrats to all the others.

Nice to see Veikko get some recognition, he was magnificent throughout the tournament.
tbnantti, yes
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