Players tradeactions

Today I'll continue to explain how works our new site. And our thread is tradeactions.

By the way, for better navigation today was created blogs for players' search and clubs' search at PS3 and Xbox sections:
Players' search on PS3
Club's search on PS3
Players' search on Xbox
Club's search on PS3
Just click on «create» there and post your resume.

Now about player's movement insturction.

1. I'm captain or assistant (btw now you can pick more than 2 assistants to your team), and I want to invite some players in my team. I'll go to my club's page and click «roster»

2. Here I can see my roster, now I click «admin»

3. This is control panel of my team, I scroll it down, typing name, surname or nickname of players and click «Send invites»

Let's see what player seeing:

1. Invitation

2. Now he open private msg and following instructions

3. Opened his teamplay profile settings. He see what team made him invite and can join to club or decline the offer
Also you can edit your profile here, or any other time — my profile > settings > teamplay ps3 or xbox — as you see you don't need second account for playing on two platforms.

4. Also player can send request to any other club from his profile

This is easy 
Good Luck!
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Oh, forgot to say! Now you don't need admin's accept!
Important! New registered player should create playercard (my profile > settings > teamplay), other way he can not be found by team!
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I have Commando on VHS and would like to trade for Delta Force or any other Chuck Norris flick from the era!
sundance_kid82, can't spare any of my Delta Force. Seriously, who would ever trade away Norris?
I can however offer you an as good as new VHS copy of Running Man. Spandex for facepaint. Fair deal?
Fair deal!
Excellent! I'll PM you my adress on skype. Looks like the first trade of action in NHL '14, a pleasure doing business with you, sir.
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