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Good evening to everyone!

Finaly you can upload logos to your team. Now it's more complicated than before, but result is much better. Main difficulties are that you should have some minimal skills in picture's edit. But I'll tell about at the end of this text.

Must be downloaded three types of logo:
small (32x32), full (200x200) — can be downloaded by team's GMs

team's icon (100x54) — like at — can be downloaded only by site's admistrator

if you haven't one of this logos you have default logo instead.

Now let's see how it works on practice.

1. Click on «games» button and see that our team with default logo. Click on our team.

2. Go to admin's panel

3. Scroll it down and can see slots for upload

4. Choose logos. It should be only PNG with transparent background and only right size — 32x32 for small and 200x200 for big

5. If your logos are right you should contact with me (2ManyFaces ) and ask for team icon.
I'll make icon and upload it to your team.

If you uploaded logo which doesn't meet the requirements I'll reset it to default, at PS3 leagues for sure!
Transparent background is necessary! Because lot of site's elements contains your logos.
Time of quick pictures that you'd made in paint are gone.
This is how it looks now:

So you have two ways:

— You have skill in pictures edit (you know how use photoshop for example) and you make logos what we need.

— You haven't any skills in picture edit and here is four options:

1. You go to google and ask it how to make png, how to make transparent background, how to save picture with predetermined dimensions. Then you spent 30 minutes of your life to learn this usefull skills.
2. You ask your teammate, or another friend who already has that skills to help you.
3. You ask me for help.
4. You playing with default logos.

Have a nice weekend
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