Xbox EHL Spring 2015 Announcement & Registration

Hey everyone, as some may know already we're trying to get going an EHL that will hopefully start sometime between now and spring (We could set it going earlier if we get the required amount of teams quickly).

Currently we're aiming for atleast 8 teams, but if we get an influx of teams we could easily push back the start date for more people to join. Afterall, having more teams than 8 will be ideal

Anyway, without further a do! Let's get to the action…

How to register:

  • 1. Team name
  • 2. Link to your team's blog on

I believe that the EA sports world was taken down for NHL 15 onwards so linking your team from there is no longer required.

Obviously the absolute minimum of players is 6, ideally though I'd advise having atleast 8 players on your roster.

As a rough guide each team will play 3 'game days' per week, with 2 games taking place each day however you have some lee-way as long as your games are completely finished at the end of the season.

All team GMs must (If possible) submit an alternate communication source outside of Consolehockey so I can contact them if I need to, skype is a good option as we can create a group chat so it's easy for everyone to contact eachother.

My skype is: martindalexc

As it stands we don't have a schedule in place at the moment, as we get more teams we can start thinking about a possible start and finish date.

Finally I will put forth some simple etiquette rules that I would like people to follow:
  • Be understanding of your opponent, if you are in CET and your opponent is in the East of Russia, don't be an ass and give them awkward times
  • Please don't change your team's name any time in the season, otherwise it will become a mess trying to re-organise everything
  • Above all else, please respect your opponent… afterall we all have willingly joined this tournament so please try to make it as good a time for everyone
  • It is quite likely I will gloss over something that you may feel important so if you don't agree with anything or feel you'd like to add something, please let me know and we'll work
something out
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AshtonGamingShow, HAHAHA if you reached semi final it must be REALLY talanted players, hahahaha
Deadline day guys, any team that is on the fence about joining has to do it by midnight today or they will not be allowed in!
1. Putain de la Merde

Our club hasnt yet been accepted and with thay said, I'm unable to link to our teamblog. But we are set to go!
AshtonGamingShow, 33-0 / Unknown
Hows it hanging, Martin? Cant really navigate around here and find registered teams. How many teams are there?
Comment updated:
bomanovic, We have eleven teams

I'll be setting up the schedule and organising everything in the coming days.
Awesome! DNS are up for some pre-EHL casual 6v6 if someone wanna play, msg!
Hey! join Sjukstugans Stream on twitch Http://
press the follow buttom under the stream! So you can see us go online!
Thanks from Sjukstugan!
DrugsnStuffs blog is now at
5 Rules for Teams

1§ Teams need a minimum of 8 registered players in their roster to compete in tournaments. If a team falls under the minimum requirement, they have 1 week to solve the problem. Failing to comply with this article will result in disqualification.
2§ Teams are only allowed to use players registered in their roster. Failure to comply with this article will result in a technical 0-5 loss. Note that a player is only considered registered to his team when he is in the roster. An unregistered player will not be sanctioned since the responsibility for his participation rests on the captain of the team.
Keskikankeat kollit & drugsnSuff!!! you need 8 players
I don't think there are enough teams to nitpick about rules that are most likely outdated. You're better off just following Martindale's guidelines that he mentions in his opening message.
Sorry for the lack of updates but once 'Putain de la Merde' is replaced with a name the admin approves of we will get the schedule finalised and we can begin!

As for the rules, most are pretty self explanatory. Don't play games with people that aren't registered to your team, if we find out that your team has broken this rule… the game will be forfeited (5-0), the captain of the team will be given a warning and the player in question will be given a warning. If a team/ individual commits two infractions against this rule, they will be removed from the tournament.

As for free agent signings, simply put. Once the regular season has ended, your rosters are finalised and you can only ever add one more player to it. If you add multiple, you will be warned and forced to remove all extra players (Aside from the one extra you are allowed).

As for gameplay rules I'll try to keep as much open as possible as it's quite nit-picky to start taking away gameplay elements, that said… goalies are not allowed to skate into the opposition's players. Due to the fact it's a pretty cheap thing to do as it's almost a guaranteed penalty for the other team. Any goalie caught doing this will first be given a warning, if he's caught again in the regular season he will be banned for 2 games… increasing in the ban time with each infraction. If the goalie is found to have broken this rule in the playoffs (Even if it's first time doing so) the goalie in question will be banned for a playoff series.

As always, unsportsmanlike conduct will not be allowed… however as it's very difficult to define what is unsportsmanlike and what isn't I will play it by the ear as the tournament progresses.

If you have any queries my skype is MartindalexC
Kauppila93, I've asked both teams what's up but I've seen / heard each team with atleast 6 players in it (in regular eashl games) so there shouldn't be an issue once the tournament begins.
Swe best
Yo!!! Do eny team need ehl veteran aka me  ?
any idea when schedule will be up?
Is Club HC in again?
Hey Bjono,

We were going to play but after not getting the response I wanted from the rest of the team and not thinking we would be able to get atleast 6 players for each game, I pulled us out.

Myself, I'll be playing for Brotherhood HT in this tournament

Excited to get going!
Pigeonfield, yeah ok, nice 

I saw Club hc inte standings, thats why i got confuesed

In Martindalex we trust
Het follow me on twitch press the Buttom follow! Http://
The schedule should be up soon!
Annnnnnnnnnnd it's up!

If every gm could add me on skype so I can setup a chat so that everyone can contact each other easier, that will be especially helpful.

Good luck to everyone, have a great tournament.

Edit: Club HC still in, the schedule you see now won't be the official one just yet…
Comment updated:
Okay, everything seems fine now so let's get going!
Gooood job, lets gooooooooo!
Martindale, did you decide on a playoff format? How many teams make it etc.?
Pigeonfield, Thinking about just the normal 8 but I'm open to suggestions
1-6 make it n «play in» 7-10 best of 3 as we do in Sweden
Comment updated:
Normal 8 sounds good
I love you Pigeonfield
Eroottinen Runoilija
playoffs… best of 7? best of 5? best of 3?
Kauppila93, download & register skype and join the discussions.
bomanovic, Should be Best of 7 and every roster must play at least 1 game before game 4 and then 1 game before game 7!
Ashton, no.
AshtonGamingShow, I thought you didn't like this community? If you don't feel like joining, please don't input any of your opinions
Since the majority of GMs have voted for the alternate method, here's how the playoffs will be (hopefully, still have to run it past the site owner to see if it's 100% possible) structured.

Teams 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7 will progress to the main playoff stage.

Teams 8,9 & 10 will progress to a separate stage in order to get a solid 8 teams into the main one. Teams 9 and 10 will play eachother in a best of 3 series (team 9 obviously receiving home ice advantage for the 1st and 3rd game). The winner of this series will then go on to play team 8 in another best of 3 series. The winner of this series will then go on to join the remaining 7 teams in the 'main' playoffs.

The main playoffs will be the standard best of 7 series where teams will be allocated based on their season finishing position.

If anyone has any queries about this structure, feel free to ask!
Just dont understand why is it necessary to drag the pity playoffs longer and not have 7-10 play and 6 advances straight.
Just dont understand why is it necessary to drag the pity playoffs longer and not have 7-10 play and 6 advances straight.
Because then there is a posibility that The Church needs to participate in «play in». And we're not doing that.
Besides. Martins structure is much better, and it also takes up less time.

So its either that, or the standard model
Comment updated:
Less time? noo, if there were 2 pairs they could play same day so 1 day 8 teams solved this way at least 2
laurilion, With my proposed setup, teams 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 don't need to wait as the play-in round doesn't affect them. The only teams it affects are teams 1,8,9 and 10.
still it doesnt matter since its add 1 more round to my propose.
I'm not a GM but I want to share my opinion anyway.

Personally, I think the play-in format is bullshit. I've thought so ever since it was implemented in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) and my opinion hasn't changed here. The play-in format only rewards two teams, the 9th and 10th placed teams in this scenario. It also hurts the 8th, 1st and 11th placed teams.

I mean honestly, the 8th placed team earned their playoff spot by getting enough points to get there — why should they have it taken away?
Why should the 9th and 10th placed teams be rewarded for not collecting enough points?
And if #9 and 10 get a «second chance» at the playoffs, then I think the 11th place team should get their chance as well, no?

Either you include all the teams 8-11 in the play-in format, or don't have it at all, in my humble opinion.

But the biggest reason I think it's bullshit is that it gives the 8th place team an advantage it wouldn't usually have against #1 — they will be able to play alot more games, build chemistry, keep their momentum going etc. while the 1st place team will sit and wait for a few extra days. Basically it just drags the entire tournament out longer then it was intended.
Anyway, not asking for all of you to agree with me — I realize this decision was made after consulting with a majority of GMs — I just wanted to share my opinion and that opinion is that the play-in format is bullshit
Pigeonfield, i like you man, but «semi laser» make top 8 anyway
I thought regular 8-team playoff tree would be the way to go because why would you want to do that BS exotic playoff tree stuff? But whatever…

Also I don't like that only 1 team is out of the playoffs. Basically they're the BIG losers of the tournament. Doesn't sound cool.
Fwiw I think the play-in format rewards tournaments of this kind a whole lot, with nothing in it but having a good time/e-penis, to keep the bottom teams motivated to continue playing, focusing, trying their best even if the top8 is somewhat out of sight. Even gets another extra competition to the mid teams not ending up as the upper play-in teams. Isnt this what we are here for? Getting the most possible out of it competition-wise. I think this format comes with more good than bad stuff with it. Regarding this actual tournament, maybe its a bad idea, last minute implement and all, leaving Bare Knuckles out of it etc… DNS does not care and are not arguing for their own sake, neither does DNS want to make anyone sad. Just 4 ze future arrangements. Sorry if my opinions are bullshit
Don't twist my words, I didn't say anyones opinion was bullshit. I said the format was bullshit, but that's just one mans opinion — not facts. As I said, the format suggested ONLY helps teams placed 9 and 10 because of how the standings look in this particular tournament.

Coincidentally, DNS looks to end up at either spot 9 or 10… also coincidentally, you (bomanovic, GM of DNS) were the one who first brought the suggestion up.
Worked out well for ya, didn't it?

Obviously most GMs agreed to this (although I can't figure out why) so it's out of anyones hands at this point. Good luck in the play-in.
Just think I should clear some aspects up…

Originally this idea was thought of wayyyy before the tournament had even begun by me and Jonas (Poliskontroll, we thought it was a good way to create a closer feeling in the community and increase the competition come playoff time). While I originally wasn't too fussed either way, I mentioned it a few times as a passing comment in the skype chat and to anyone who asked about how the playoffs will be structured.

Bomanovic asked about it, I stated my idea and gave all the other GMs power to veto the proposal or get behind it. The gms that voted in favour of it were:

Church of Hockey (Jesus)
Brotherhood HT (DaryllDix )
Sjukstugan (Bjono)
DrugsNStuff (Bomanovic)
Russian Rockets (Russianstars)
Baltic Sea Eagles (Lehikoinen)

Since I can't vote in such a matter in order to remain impartial, the total amount of votes possible was reduced to 10. With 6 teams voting in favour of the proposal the majority was decided.

Every rule / structure in a league will ALWAYS favour or be disadvantageous to one team in one way or another. Adding a play in round favours fringe teams who previously wouldn't be able to compete in the playoffs. It is minorly disadvantageous to Bare Knuckles Hockey as they would still not be in playoff contention, however that would still be the case regardless of what playoff structure I used. On the flip side I could have gone with my original idea to have a round robin style tournament where only the top 4 finishing teams progress, that would heavily favour some teams and negatively affect the majority of other teams.

Anyway, playoffs are almost here… save the enthusiasm
Comment updated:
Fair enough.
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