Xbox EHL Spring 2015 Announcement & Registration

Hey everyone, as some may know already we're trying to get going an EHL that will hopefully start sometime between now and spring (We could set it going earlier if we get the required amount of teams quickly).

Currently we're aiming for atleast 8 teams, but if we get an influx of teams we could easily push back the start date for more people to join. Afterall, having more teams than 8 will be ideal

Anyway, without further a do! Let's get to the action…

How to register:

  • 1. Team name
  • 2. Link to your team's blog on

I believe that the EA sports world was taken down for NHL 15 onwards so linking your team from there is no longer required.

Obviously the absolute minimum of players is 6, ideally though I'd advise having atleast 8 players on your roster.

As a rough guide each team will play 3 'game days' per week, with 2 games taking place each day however you have some lee-way as long as your games are completely finished at the end of the season.

All team GMs must (If possible) submit an alternate communication source outside of Consolehockey so I can contact them if I need to, skype is a good option as we can create a group chat so it's easy for everyone to contact eachother.

My skype is: martindalexc

As it stands we don't have a schedule in place at the moment, as we get more teams we can start thinking about a possible start and finish date.

Finally I will put forth some simple etiquette rules that I would like people to follow:
  • Be understanding of your opponent, if you are in CET and your opponent is in the East of Russia, don't be an ass and give them awkward times
  • Please don't change your team's name any time in the season, otherwise it will become a mess trying to re-organise everything
  • Above all else, please respect your opponent… afterall we all have willingly joined this tournament so please try to make it as good a time for everyone
  • It is quite likely I will gloss over something that you may feel important so if you don't agree with anything or feel you'd like to add something, please let me know and we'll work
something out
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