• 20 April 2015, 22:11 (game №6) Game report (8)
    Baltic Sea Eagles (-22.36) 4:8 (+22.36) Sjukstugan
    Lehikoinen: First of all I'd like to congratulate every player from Sjukstugan. Especially my old teammates Dawn Angel SWE & IronBYOB, well played dudes!

    I'd also like to thank Martindale for hosting this tournament on Xbox 360, it was fun to play. Then I'd like to thank my teammates for getting us this far. And finally all of the teams in this tournament, it was a blast!

    Thanks for these great games 112, you guys really deserved the victory! Tried so hard to even the series but no can do. See you perhaps on Xbox One or PS4  Peace!
    bjono: I would like to thank my team for doing so well after starting so late (as soon as we knew the EHL was coming) and all team and martindalex ofc for the admin roll, and we all did this fabulous tournament happened!

    We had an great run and it was fun to see some new faces and teams that entered this tourney.

    A speciall thanks to:

    Patovic — our own pirlo, great tactic knowledge and incredible vision/game idea. Don´t give him time for loose puck dekes, then you just look silly.

    IronBYOB — Exactly that one forward 112 needs to make the perfect trio, to combine the team off/def with his ability offensively, POINT MACHINE and give the opponent some nightmares. (think he get nr 1 in playoff point leaderborad Increadible player.

    Jaiken — «the yellow king» that he´s often named as. read the play better than anyone in defence, puck maestro, and gives sooo much security in our own end with Dawn Angel Swe on his side. Jaiken is one of the best def in xbox community history.

    Swe dawn angel swe — The perfect two way defender that is really good in both ends with an incredible ability in defence to shut down his opponent. Supperb build ups and a real access in offensive zone with his killing X shots, barley a misstake trough the hole tournament.

    Snapsterr — Well i don´t know what to say more than: WOW. Played a couple of games one night with his amature 1 card, we asked him to come play with us, and still the best goalie i´ve seen in this tournament, respect!

    Eyebiz — Get that luxury to have him as a THIRD defender (omg). i can proudley present the best defense alternatives in the tournament ( a number 1 defender). As jaiken once said — «Stay in the puckline when he shoot — you´ll die»

    Robin974 — started this EHL and did GOOD. One hell of a teammate that brings alot with his goaltending and his persona, a 112 member that got the «shining». He never got cut from the team for thoose who think, he got tired of the game. LOYAL!

    Have a nice damn summer and C U on the PS4 for next tournament!
  • 20 April 2015, 20:58 (game №5) Game report (0)
    Sjukstugan (-30.76) 2:4 (+30.76) Baltic Sea Eagles
    bjono: gg Lehikoinen: Tight game, it looks more our kinda play now
  • 20 April 2015, 19:08 (game №4) Game report (0)
    Baltic Sea Eagles (+22.07) 4:3 (-22.07) Sjukstugan
    Lehikoinen: This time we stepped up a little bit and it gave us a victory. bjono: gg…

    well two from god decided this one
  • 20 April 2015, 18:36 (game №3) Game report (0)
    Baltic Sea Eagles (-13.28) 1:3 (+13.28) Sjukstugan
    Lehikoinen: Goal finally  hard to play against the team who does it all, gg sjukstugan! bjono: gg…

    Laurillion´s first period was sick
  • 20 April 2015, 18:04 (game №2) Game report (0)
    Sjukstugan (+14.94) 2:0 (-14.94) Baltic Sea Eagles
    bjono: GG

    Lehikoinen: A little bit better game from us than last one, on to the next one!
  • 20 April 2015, 17:29 (game №1) Game report (0)
    Sjukstugan (+23.70) 5:0 (-23.70) Baltic Sea Eagles
    bjono: Jarmo «snapsterr» Myllys was awesome

    GG next!
    Lehikoinen: Poor show from us, well played 112!
  • 10 April 2015, 22:46 (game №12) Game report (32)
    The Church of Hockey (-10.19) 0:1 (+10.19) Sjukstugan
    Raixor: gg bjono: thanks for the games COG!

    CoG / church is a good team. Now we looking forward to the final!
  • 10 April 2015, 22:44 (game №11) Game report (0)
    Sjukstugan (+11.07) 4:3 (-11.07) The Church of Hockey
    bjono: gg Raixor: gg
  • 10 April 2015, 22:40 (game №10) Game report (0)
    Sjukstugan (+18.94) 6:4 (-18.94) The Church of Hockey
    bjono: gg Raixor: gg
  • 8 April 2015, 20:45 (game №7) Game report (8)
    Moves Like JAGR (+1.14) 2:3 ОТ (+13.86) Baltic Sea Eagles
    sambula: Thanks for the EA! but gl to BSE the finals… Lehikoinen: Heartbreaking thrillers and very tight series from beginning. Last game was even more nerve-wracking. Regular time was quite nervous play, both teams trying to get ahead but unable to manage. On last minute we took two penalties and fought it off like champs. At the end of the overtime the opposing team took 5 minute major penalty which we were able to capitalize.
  • 8 April 2015, 19:43 (game №6) Game report (0)
    Baltic Sea Eagles (+28.57) 5:2 (-28.57) Moves Like JAGR
    Lehikoinen: Got the first goal and it gave us a little bit of momentum. Powerplay worked well and our defensive game also. Game 7 here we go! sambula: -
  • 7 April 2015, 20:56 (game №5) Game report (0)
    Moves Like JAGR (+23.56) 4:2 (-23.56) Baltic Sea Eagles
    sambula: Lehikoinen: Good start from us but stupid penalties cost the game… Anyways well played MOV, till next time!
  • 7 April 2015, 20:18 (game №4) Game report (0)
    Baltic Sea Eagles (-17.17) 1:2 (+17.17) Moves Like JAGR
    Lehikoinen: Another tight game… On to the next one. sambula: gg
  • 7 April 2015, 19:53 (game №3) Game report (0)
    Baltic Sea Eagles (-18.73) 0:1 (+18.73) Moves Like JAGR
    Lehikoinen: Tight game again, couldn't score from our opportunities. To the next one. sambula: gg
  • 6 April 2015, 21:41 (game №9) Game report (0)
    The Church of Hockey (-13.80) 2:3 (+13.80) Sjukstugan
    Raixor: Could not step up our game. Sjukstugan were more effective and could easily shut down our offensive.

    bjono: Gg. Not our best night but its 1-1 and the «show» continues at friday
  • 6 April 2015, 21:36 (game №8) Game report (1)
    The Church of Hockey (+17.01) 4:3 ОТ (-2.01) Sjukstugan
    Raixor: Awful game from both sides, puck bounced like a soap in a prison shower. We managed to score in the last seconds of the third, and got the momentum for the OT.

    Overall it was a tight game, this will be a fun series. GG.
    bjono: Gg… Conceded 4/4 boxplay goals

    (Edit: MartindalexC, Goals added however times were missing)
  • 6 April 2015, 20:47 (game №2) Game report (0)
    Moves Like JAGR (+3.39) 2:3 ОТ (+11.61) Baltic Sea Eagles
    sambula: ...gg Lehikoinen: This was like identical game compared to first one, nice comeback from us. Series continue tomorrow!
  • 6 April 2015, 20:15 (game №1) Game report (1)
    Moves Like JAGR (+3.02) 2:3 ОТ (+11.98) Baltic Sea Eagles
    sambula: tight tight… gg Lehikoinen: Laggy connection but tight first game.
  • 1 April 2015, 22:03 (game №6) Game report (10)
    Brotherhood HT (-40.65) 2:7 (+40.65) Moves Like JAGR
    Hanssonni: What can you expect when only 2/6 key players were in roster in these 2 games?

    — These last 2 games gave u the answer.
    But its just a game, see you EHL in NHL 16!
    We had a lot of adversity in this EHL with almost everything, last one was that priest couldn't get online for these two games. it was just too much for us!

    Congratulations and Good luck to Semi-finals!
    May the best win the championship!

    The biggest thanks however goes to Connor, who took the role as a TGMA, in order to organize the tournament.

    Thank you!
    seeee you!

    sambula: gg!!! wuhhuu what a feelings  !!!
  • 1 April 2015, 21:48 (game №21) Game report (1)
    Rockets (+4.03) 3:4 ОТ (+10.97) Baltic Sea Eagles
    russianstars: thanx for this tuornament everyone, BSE well played thanx for this nail biting series it was fun to pöay against you and goodluck to you guys in the playoffs. Lehikoinen: And it's in! Gotta give credit to Russian Rockets for heart-pounding series.
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