General rules

1 Definitions

1§ These rules apply to any registered member of
2§ These rules are general rules and do not benefit of superiority over specific tournament rules where these are applicable.
3§ EC Admins are responsible for enforcing these rules.

2 Registration of member accounts

1§ Player who wants to participate in a tournament has to register an account on Consolehockey.
By registering an account the member hereby acknowledge that the member has read, and accepted these general rules.
2§ A player may only register one account per console.
A player who violates this article will receive a permanent ban from Consolehockey and future tournaments arranged by said website. A player who knowingly assists another member in violating this article will receive a permanent ban.
3§ Registration of an account requires a unique IP address that Consolehockey will recognize. If more than one member uses the same computer for registration, make sure to notify an EC Admin or the website administration within 24 hours of completed registration to avoid ban.

3 Registration of Team on Website

1§ Any registered member can apply for the registration of a team. After successful registration the applying member becomes captain of the registered team.
2§ Captain of a team can change the team’s name without creating a new team by notifying EC Admin.

4 Recruiting Players to Team

1§ Captain send a team invitation to a registered member. The member needs to accept the invitation. When the member has accepted, EC Admin will review the player’s data and after EC Admin’s approval the member will be added to the team roster.
2§ EC Admin has the right to deny any transaction that violates either the general rules or specific tournament rules.

5 Code of conduct

1§ This code of conduct applies to the website of Consolehockey and the events that Consolehockey arrange. It does not apply to external channels of communication such as Xbox Live Chat or similar.
2§ Registered member must behave in a respectful manner towards fellow members and EC Admins.
3§ Members are not allowed to use overtly profane language or otherwise behave in an inappropriate way.
4§ Members are allowed to question and discuss decisions made by EC Admins, but attempts to manipulate or otherwise derogate EC Admin’s ability to make decisions and or enforce these rules are prohibited.
5§ Members are prohibited from intentionally exploiting general and or specific tournament rules.
6§ EC Admin is responsible for determining what type of behaviour violates the code of conduct.

6 Violations

1§ Without a stated rule, any action by Consolehockey’s members cannot be seen as a violation of any kind.
2§ Any member who violates the general rules notwithstanding the rules in section 2 §2 could result in up to 3 months ban.
3§ A banned player are not allowed to participate in tournaments arranged by Consolehockey.
4§ EC Admin can issue a warning to any member or team if they are close to a violation that imposes sanctions according to either the general or tournament rules. Warnings are not considered as sanctions, but a notification that continuing the behaviour or action could result in a violation.

Tournament Rules

1 Definitions

1§ These rules apply to teams and team’s members that register and or have officially entered a tournament arranged by
2§ These rules are specific tournament rules and benefit from superiority over general rules should the two of them be in conflict.
3§ EC Admin(s) are responsible for enforcing these rules.
4§ Tournament rules are fixed at the start of a tournament.
5§ Tournament rules could be subject to change if EC Admin deems it necessary to uphold the underlying sentiment of these rules.
6§ Registered member or player in these rules refer to a person that is registered as a player of a team that has registered for the tournament.
7§ General Manager is consider to be a registered team’s captain and the two assistant captains.
8§ The term ‘Late’ refers to any team who fail to show up ready to play in accordance with the tournament rules.
9§ The term ‘Restart’ refers to a game being resumed at a certain point where previous stats are included into the match report. This could be done either by quitting and starting a new game, or in the case of looping, teams could just wait till the proper time when the fault occurred.
10§ The term ‘Replay’ refers to a game that stops and then is replayed from the beginning with completely new stats.
11§ The tournament rules section 8 are only binding in applicable cases when teams are not able to agree or solve the problem themselves. Any agreement between teams that contradict rules regarding section 8 will have precedence over the stated rules in these sections.
12§ To avoid confusion when claiming or referring to a specific rule, be advised to use proper terms. For example, if team wants to claim another team used an unregistered player in a game please refer to Tournament Rules 5.2. There is no need to use cross-reference as EC Admin is well aware of any such rules.

2 Responsibility of complying with rules

1§ Captain of a team has the outermost responsibility for his team and his members and to his capability make sure these follow both general and tournament rules.
2§ The Captain is not responsible for matters he cannot affect or control. This does not include players leaving the team. A captain chooses which players he wants to add and therefore he can affect the roster of the team.
3§ Players are responsible for following the rules and decisions made by EC Admin.
4§ Violation of the rules will result in penalties sanctioned under each section of these rules.
5§ No actions by either teams or members of teams could be considered a violation against these rules if there were no such rule at the time the action was carried out.

3 Registration of Team

1§ Participating team needs to complete registration according to the procedure each tournament requires before the deadline of registration period. The registration is complete and the team has officially entered the tournament when EC Admin has accepted the team’s registration by either notifying the team’s captain or otherwise stating its approval on the website.
2§ Any member of a registered team can apply to register the team for a tournament. After successful registration the player who completed the application will be considered the team’s default captain.
3§ Team’s name may not consist of vulgar and or abusive language.
4§ Team’s name must correspond with its name on
5§ When a team’s registration is completed the team has officially entered the tournament and therefore need to comply with any such rules that apply to teams and members of a tournament.
6§ Team needs to appoint captain and two assistant captains before the deadline of registration process.
7§ Team needs to send a list of their captain and two assistant captains to the tournament administration before the end of the registration deadline. More assistant captains can be named in addition or replacement of the ones listed, but always to a minimum of a captain and two assistant captains. Naming a captain after the registration deadline always requires an approval from the player and the tournament administration.
7§ Team needs a minimum of 8 players in the roster to compete in tournaments.
8§ Inability to comply with this section will result in tournament disqualification if deemed that team showed carelessness in complying with the registration process.

4 Player requirements

1§ Players data on Consolehockey need to correspond with the data in-game. If the data does not correspond the player need to provide sufficient evidence that they belong to the same person. A player who fails to prove the correspondence of his data will be considered an unregistered player and therefore not allowed to participate in any games until the problem is resolved.
2§ It is prohibited for any participating player to use profane names on their jerseys in tournament games. Violation of this article will result in a two-game ban.

5 Rules for Teams

1§ Teams need a minimum of 8 registered players in their roster to compete in tournaments. If a team falls under the minimum requirement, they have 1 week to solve the problem. Failing to comply with this article will result in disqualification.
2§ Teams are only allowed to use players registered in their roster. Failure to comply with this article will result in a technical 0-5 loss. Note that a player is only considered registered to his team when he is in the roster. An unregistered player will not be sanctioned since the responsibility for his participation rests on the captain of the team.
3§ Teams may only conduct a match with players whose gamertags and in-game names are distinguishable from each other. The definition of what is distinguishable rest upon EC Admin’s judgment. In case of uncertainty, ask EC Admin. Violating this rule will render a 0-5 technical loss.
4§ Teams may switch it’s captains during the tournament, but any player who at one time possessed the role of a captain are subject to the transfer restrictions that apply to all captains.
5§ Teams are expected to report the result of a game no later than 24 hours after the game has been played during group stage and 3 hours during playoffs. Failure to report a game within this time limit will result in sanctions stated under the match report section.
6§ Teams are expected to follow the rules of date and time. Failure to do so can result in a 0-5 w.o loss.
7§ Teams are expected to follow the transfer provisions and violations of these rules could lead to points deduction or, if the violation is severe, disqualification.
8§ Teams are not allowed to purposely stall games. Violation of this rule will be deemed as team being late for the game resulting in a 0-5 technical loss.
9§ Teams are allowed a maximum of 2 Goaltender disconnects during a tournament. Any Goaltender disconnect that exceeds the maximum amount will result in a 3 points deduction.
10§ Teams are allowed to forfeit games in 3 rounds maximum and no more than 4 games in total to complete a tournament. Forfeiting more games than allowed will result in disqualification.

6 Date and Time

1§ Match days for tournaments are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each match day hold one round of back to back games against another opponent.
2§ Default starting time for matches is 19:30 GMT (20:30 Sweden/Germany, 21:30 Finland, 22:30 Moscow).
3§ Default time is used if teams have not agreed on a specific time to play. Any such agreement between teams has precedence over default time assuming the agreed time is within the deadline.
4§ An agreed time is only binding when one team uses the suggested time option on Consolehockey and the other team accept that time using the same option.
5§ If a team is late to the agreed or – when applicable – the default time, they will receive a 0-5 technical w.o loss if the other team can prove they were on time. In case no team can prove they were ready to play on time, each team will receive a 0-5 technical w.o loss.
6§ The time limit for being late to a game is 15 minutes. By default the games are treated in pairs: in case a team is over 15 minutes late from the first game it will receive a 0-5 w.o loss from both games, unless they are able to claim Force Majeure as defined in Section 13.
7§ Break between games are set to a maximum of 15 minutes. Note that being late to a game refers to the first game, so the maximum time between the first and second game is 15 minutes. Inability to show up in time after a break results in a 0-5 w.o loss.
8§ It is not allowed to play any games after the deadline set by the schedule, unless specifically approved by EC Admin.
9§ Teams may change the game day if both teams agree and do it through the suggest time option on Consolehockey. Any changes to the game day outside of Consolehockey’s time suggestion will not be deemed valid and w.o losses will be handed out as normal if the default time deadline is passed. This rule is not to be abused by moving games forward for multiple weeks ahead to buy time.
10§ If EC Admin believes two teams has abused tournament rules 6.9 in a series, w.o losses will be handed out with a -3 point deduction for each team to nullify the series.

7 Carrying out matches

1§ A full lineup of 6 players are mandatory to start any tournament game. If a team do not have 6 players ready for a game, they are not considered to be ready and therefore late to the game.
2§ Team on right hand side of the schedule is the ‘home’ team and also responsible for inviting the away team to the game.
3§ Team jerseys should be easy to detect when playing. If there is a problem with similar colors the away team is responsible of changing their jersey to another color upon request from home team or by notification from away team that they want to change. Away team should be given 10 extra minutes, from the time of request or notification, to make the changes to their jersey before they are considered to be late to the game.

8 In-game rules

1§ It is prohibited for the away team to pause the game before the first faceoff. They are considered to be ready when they accept the game invite. The home team may pause the game once before the opening faceoff. A team is only able to pause the game once, prior to the opening faceoff, and still refer to the pausing as an accident. If a team pauses the game more than once it will be considered as an attempt to stall the match and therefore violating section 5 article 8. Note that this article only applies to pauses before the opening game faceoff.
2§ Teams have the right to use the in-game given pauses during the game as they see fit.
3§ The games in tournaments correspond with the in-game stats such as goals etc. It does not matter if the puck is clearly over the goal line if no goal is awarded in-game then no goal should be awarded in the official match report.
4§ Tournaments on Consolehockey are meant to be played 6v6 at all times.
5§ It is not allowed to quit any game during the play when teams are 6v6. Violating this article will result in a 0-5 technical loss and a tournament ban for the player.
6§ Restarting a game is only used to help teams become 6v6 again and all stats, both the ones before and after the restart should be included in the official match report.
7§ If a skater is disconnected during the first minute of a game the game has to be replayed completely. This rule does not apply if a goal is scored in the first minute.
8§ If a skater is disconnected and a goal is scored in the first minute, the game must be restarted after the end of the first period. The first period will still count towards the official result and the teams should play only 2 periods of the restarted game.
9§ If a skater is disconnected after 1 minute passed, the opposing team has the right to either instantly disconnect from the game and restart from the point where the disconnect happened, or play out the period to have the restart count from the start begin with the upcoming period. If the team chose to instantly disconnect, they must disconnect from the game before the puck drops for the first faceoff after the opposing player got disconnected, or both teams must complete the period before leaving. Note that the team whose player got disconnected after 1 min do not enjoy the right to quit the game without confirmation with their opponent, so please get a faceoff as soon as possible by clearing the puck over the glass, cover the puck with a goalie or take an icing or offside to pause. Violating this article will result in 1 point deduction.
10§ Computer player’s stats are accounted for as the disconnected player’s stats.
11§ If a goaltender is disconnects, teams must pause the game and restart from the time of the disconnection. If the teams have used their pauses any team has the right to quit the game at the first faceoff after the disconnection occurred. Any goal scored between the time of disconnection and the restart will be counted as a goal in the match report.
12§ Notwithstanding a technical loss, any stats recorded prior to the technical loss will count towards the official match report.
13§ It is prohibited to dive at goaltender when goaltender has covered the puck. Any goal that is scored as a result of such dive will not be counted in the official match report. Player who violates this article will be sanctioned with a two-game ban.
14§ It is prohibited for a goaltender to skate out of the net to interfere an opposing skater in an attempt to get a power play. Player who violates this article will be sanctioned with a two-game ban.
15§ If all players of one or both teams are disconnected, the game will be restarted from the point where the last player was disconnected.
16§ If the game loops any team has the right to pause the game and demand that it be restarted from the point when the loop occurred. If no team claims a restart, the game will continue as normal.

9 Official Match Report

1§ After completed match, team must report the result and stats from the game.
2§ Team’s captain or assistant captain can submit the match report.
3§ Deadline for submitting the match report during group stage is 24 hours after a completed game. Delays in submitting will render a 1 point deduction for each match report that is late.
4§ Deadline for submitting the match report during playoffs is 12 hours after a completed game. Delays in submitting will render a warning. Several warnings could lead to disqualification.
5§ It is prohibited to wilfully submit a false report. Depending on the nature of the fault and if it is repeated, the penalty is 1 point reduction to disqualification.

10 Transfers

1§ Players and teams are free to conduct transfers unless otherwise restricted by the provisions in this section.
2§ Teams are allowed one non-european player in their tournament roster. He cannot be captain or assistant captain and he may not host games. Violating this article results in a 3 point deduction per game.
3§ Deadline for transfers are set to 23:59 CET 7 days before the start of the playoff stage.
4§ Player are not allowed to play for a team they once left during the tournament, unless returning within 24 hours from leaving the team without accepting any invite from other clubs during that time.
5§ General Managers of teams (Captain and assistant captains) as well as those who at one time during the tournament have been appointed General Manager are prohibited from changing teams.
6§ Teams are allowed to add a maximum of 2 players with 1 or more games played in the current tournament to their roster between the first game day of the tournament and the transfer deadline.
7§ Adding free agent players with 0 games played in the current tournament does not count toward the 2 player maximum in article 6. They are also allowed after the transfer deadline mentioned in article 3.
8§ It is prohibited, unless the exemption in article 6 applies, for any player to leave a team if the roster of that team has less players than 9. Violating this article will result in a tournament-ban. Repeated violations can result in a permanent ban if EC Admin deems it necessary in order to protect teams from an unloyal player.
9§ Notwithstanding article 8, it is allowed for players to leave a team when EC Admin notified that the team will be disqualified within 24 hours. This rule will only apply to cases when a team faces disqualification because of failure to comply with the 8 player minimum requirement.
10§ Players are not allowed to transfer from a disqualified team

11 Disqualification rules

1§ Disqualifications are subject to a 24 hour time-limit. It starts when EC Admin post a message on the website that a team will be disqualified.
2§ Teams can be disqualified either by violating applicable provisions in the tournament rules or by an application of disqualification. Such application should be made in the form of a message to EC Admin stating that the team no longer wish to take part in the tournament. Disqualification made by an application may result in the team and its general managers being banned from future tournaments.
3§ If players of a team who applied for disqualification want to avoid sanctions such as future tournament ban, they should contact EC Adim within the 24 hours time-limit stating the reasons why they should not be punished. If their reason is valid, no sanctions will be taken against the player(s).
4§ The Captain that applied for disqualification do not benefit from the exemption of in article 3.
5§ All stats and schedules will be deleted if a Team fold when the tournament is in progress.

12 Special tournament rules

1§ It is strictly prohibited to make fake claims, trying to circumvent the rules and or in ill willed manner deceive EC Admin in their line of work. Any such violation could result in disqualification for the team and a player ban.
2§ Teams have the right to claim replay of a match if the opposing team or its members violated any of the provisions in the Tournament rules and the violation with certainty affected the end result of that match. Date for re-scheduling the match is 1 week after EC Admin decided the game should be replayed. If teams cannot agree on a time, EC Admin will decide a default time.
3§ It is strictly prohibited to use a modified player profile/player build that is not used in the way it was intended to by EA Sports. Violating this article will result in a ban for the rest of the tournament and future tournaments.

13 Force Majeure
1§ Notwithstanding any of the previous Tournament Rules, teams and their members have the right to claim Force Majeure as a reason for any infringements or violations of these rules. Note that Force Majeure in generally is considered an ‘act of god’ or in our community’s case ‘an act of Ramjagsingh’ meaning EA servers are down or similar circumstances. If EC Admin deems the act was the result of Force Majeure no sanctions will be taken.