• 4 February 2014, 22:52 (game №7) Game report (13)
    Unknown (+10.39) 1:0 (-10.39) Northern Stars
    anrh17: I know you all wanted one of Svamps long weird texts about ships, old monuments and stupid quotes that no one cares about, but since he's being a bitch and refuse to write anything you have to do without this time.
    He did however want me to say that although it's pretty nice and cozy here on the throne, we only think it's fair to now disband so that NOS can have some EHL-wins now again. Sharing is caring.



    And now to be serious for once, great games NOS, probably the best series i've ever played it really could have gone either way. Also a huge thanks to Hansonni, he may have done a few weird things but overall it wasn't that bad, especially not for being the only TGMA-member and this is 1000x better than no tournament at all.

    Anton lär sig teka lagom till finalen och klarar sig dessutom från att göra ett enda självmål direkt på teken, Svamp började träffa mål och Goatlender tog slagskottsdumpar från neutrala zon. Bäst när det gäller
    ma0niii: Well, don't really know what to write. A crazy ending of a crazy serie.
    Been back and forth for both teams through the whole serie and it came down to
    that one goal in the final game. Overall we played great for most of the game but
    couldn't capitalize on our chances at the end and at the same time Unknown played as good defense as always.

    At the end of the day it was a real fun and tight serie that could have gone either way, and Unknown are more than well deserved Champions. Congrats!

    And of course we'd like to thank all the other teams that have participated this tournament, the website admins and Hanssonni for doing a great job as TGMA. With that said, take care and see you next time around. Cheers!
  • 4 February 2014, 22:31 (game №6) Game report (2)
    Northern Stars (+26.55) 3:2 (-26.55) Unknown
    ma0niii: Another tight game of the finals that could go either way. ImSteelD: GG! Good luck in the 7th. May the best team win!
  • 4 February 2014, 20:35 (game №5) Game report (0)
    Unknown (+18.87) 3:2 ОТ (-3.87) Northern Stars
    ImSteelD: This is some craaaaaaazy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! GG's *pheeeeeew* cHIIMERa: Tight game, deserved win for WHO
  • 4 February 2014, 19:52 (game №4) Game report (0)
    Northern Stars (+12.13) 3:2 (-12.13) Unknown
    cHIIMERa: Garbage win, but in a EHL final, we're gonna take it with a smile on our faces! gg ImSteelD: oooouuuuuuuch! GG
  • 4 February 2014, 19:28 (game №3) Game report (0)
    Northern Stars (+20.84) 2:0 (-20.84) Unknown
    cHIIMERa: finally, a win. GG ImSteelD: Devastating penalties, no goals, NO WIN! BUT WE WON THE FACEOFFS! that's something…
  • 4 February 2014, 00:34 (game №2) Game report (0)
    Unknown (+7.70) 1:0 (-7.70) Northern Stars
    ImSteelD: gg's. ses i morgon Mr Ninety Nine: It's pretty simple. If you are getting shut out you are not going to win any games. We weren't good enough offensively this game and we need to play with more confidence and determination the upcoming games.

  • 4 February 2014, 00:24 (game №1) Game report (0)
    Unknown (+8.26) 3:2 (-8.26) Northern Stars
    ImSteelD: gg Mr Ninety Nine: Unknown played just as good defensively as we expected them to do. Creating good scoring chances 5 on 5 is hard against a team like WHO so too bad for us that we didn't manage to capitalize more than 1 time on the PP.

  • 3 February 2014, 15:05 (game №7) Game report (0)
    Laser HT (-15.16) 0:4 (+15.16) Northern Stars
    seppooooo: Good luck to the finals! Mr Ninety Nine: Thanks for the games Laser. Even though you were missing some players you fought good and forced us to play our best to win.

    Good luck with the team and see you next time!
  • 1 February 2014, 23:34 (game №12) Game report (0)
    Unknown (+16.04) 2:1 (-16.04) HC Sika
    ImSteelD: Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself. BERLIN WALL!

    «Sorry, No Hanssonni (or his friend?!) in net…  »
    Anyway, well played SIKA — tight games against a good team, this could have been the final. And remember «Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.»

    Silenttio: Tight game again, just simply not enough. ´´God damnit´´.

    Thanks for the series, Unknown. Sadly we couldn't create that much good scoring chances against Unknown, which is obviously WHO's goodness but also we could have keep the puck for example much more what we did. Overall like 5 ''pretty good'' scoring chances per game, including for example one breakaway and couple cross-passes — not enough against Unknown. Like I wrote into game4 press conference, hard to score when you dont get scoring chances. WHO played neutral zone amazingly tight which made our game a lot harder — even though we knew about their trap, we found a way to break in only with one guy dangling couple WHO-players and thats it. I also must say that goals what WHO did in this series, were like eashl/regular season kind of goals sometimes, like passing to empty spot into front of our net, not acceptable in these kind of games. However after all, thanks for all other teams (and SIKA) who ended this EHL — thanks and see you guys at next EHL, which is hope so 'little bit' shorter. Maybe next time we could made semifinals third time in our EHL-history and also go little bit forward from these semifinal games, ´´who´´ knows…

    Better team won, no doubts about that. Have a great finals with NOS. One more time — thanks for this EHL, guys.
  • 1 February 2014, 22:36 (game №11) Game report (0)
    HC Sika (-17.53) 1:2 (+17.53) Unknown
    Silenttio: Gg. Hard to win when not getting any scoring chances. ImSteelD: gg
  • 28 January 2014, 21:59 (game №3) Game report (1)
    Northern Stars (+7.29) 3:2 (-7.29) Laser HT
    cHIIMERa: gg!!! ullaaaaa: tight again. maybe next time
  • 28 January 2014, 21:26 (game №10) Game report (0)
    HC Sika (-19.10) 3:4 (+19.10) Unknown
    Silenttio: Gg, lets continue on saturday then. ImSteelD: GG's, cya on Saturday!
  • 28 January 2014, 20:26 (game №9) Game report (0)
    Unknown (+3.80) 2:3 ОТ (+11.20) HC Sika
    ImSteelD: GG, tight one Silenttio: Gg.
  • 28 January 2014, 19:57 (game №1) Game report (4)
    Laser HT (-14.43) 0:3 (+14.43) Northern Stars
    ullaaaaa: plörts cHIIMERa: tight again, gg!
  • 28 January 2014, 19:56 (game №8) Game report (0)
    Unknown (+20.40) 1:0 (-20.40) HC Sika
    ImSteelD: GG Silenttio: Gg.
  • 28 January 2014, 19:24 (game №2) Game report (0)
    Laser HT (-8.87) 0:1 (+8.87) Northern Stars
    ullaaaaa: tight cHIIMERa: tight game, gg
  • 26 January 2014, 20:00 (game №11) Game report (18)
    HC Sika (+30.88) 45:0 (-30.88) Suomi Predators
    Silenttio: Gg, luckily we got our powerplay work on the right time.

    — Yeah but for real — thanks for the games SPS. Dont even know what to say about these two last games…

    For the playoff games again, thank you.
    Hanssonni: gg
  • 26 January 2014, 19:53 (game №10) Game report (0)
    HC Sika (+16.88) 15:0 (-16.88) Suomi Predators
    Silenttio: gg Hanssonni: gg
  • 23 January 2014, 22:21 (game №27) Game report (4)
    Synergy Hockey (+1.27) 2:3 ОТ (+13.73) Laser HT
    Supremski: Not really much to say, well played Laser. ggs

    Pelle3k, see you in CERN
    ullaaaaa: gg thanks for the tight series!
  • 23 January 2014, 21:32 (game №26) Game report (0)
    Laser HT (+14.32) 3:2 ОТ (+0.68) Synergy Hockey
    ullaaaaa: tight again Supremski: gg
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